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How To

Speak My Fears


"The thing I’m afraid to tell you is…

oh my...

do I dare say it?

Do I dare to speak the thing which holds binds me?

Do I dare to be seen, be known…

be intimate?”

Speak My Fear is an evening of intimacy, 

where we are seen and known. 

The root meaning of intimacy is 

“to be known”. 

For this to happen, 

we need both speakers and listeners.

If you’re ready to speak, 

drop your name in the hat,

if selected, you’ll have 5 minutes

to speak the fear which cloaks your

brightest potential.

If you’re ready to listen, 

to witness, 

to be intimate with the truth of others, 

we have a seat for you. 

Come...speak, listen. Together, we shine light upon fear.


This is a SIX MONTH event. Five months are with your chosen gender, the sixth month is when we bring the genders together. It is time for Women and Men to bridge divides, to heal wounds, and to empower each other. We do this by practicing within our chosen gender group, and then we come together in one final event. (At this time, male and female are the options for gender. )


We will speak our fears of the past, but also fears that keep us from LIVING our highest potential in the future. This event is chance to release the past and soar into the future.


Due to the unknown nature of this event, please consider if this opportunity is best for you.​

Divine Feminine
Divine Masculine
meet fear,
with Love.




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