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How To

"Grace comes from living each moment once."

Affirmation ~ Wisdom Deck

Personalize The Process

Every step of the Lucidesse app is responsive to the needs of the moment. Here are the five basic steps.


First, choose a topic: Creativity, Eating, Relationship, Sorrow, etc.

Second, choose an artistic style: simple, colorful, inspiring.

Third, choose a layout: supportive, focused, harmonizing.

Fourth, choose an affirmation: rewire the brain & heal the heart.

Fifth, choose to share: friends, global, or remain private.

Here's a recap of the app:

  1. Choose a topic.

  2. Choose an artist.

  3. Choose a layout.

  4. Choose an affirmation.

  5. Choose to share.

There's far more to the app but let's start simple. The video below has further explanations.

Lucidesse Phone App Demo

#1 Choose a topic.

The Lucidesse app contains many decks and each deck is filled with positive affirmations. A few topics contained in the decks are: Eating, Gratitude, I AM, Joy, Love, Relationship, Self, Sorrow, Wisdom. 

Each morning you choose a topic. You may choose a topic which inspires you, or one which feels rigid and limiting. Regardless of what you choose, the affirmations support growth, they offer a healthy perspective on your chosen topic.


They also harmonize the mind-body connection because when the mind thinks positive thoughts, the body feels those positive vibrations. 


Change your life with one positive thought... and then another, and another. One thought at a time.


App for the Future

The Lucidesse app supports the future because the quickest way to heal the past is to step forward. If you doubt this, just try. Step toward your dreams and you'll likely meet a hurdle. But don't fret! Hurdles are a natural part of crafting and creating the future. 

With over 13 different topics to choose from, and over 40 affirmations in every topic, plus the various artistic styles and fractal layouts, the app is stocked with possibilities. You can also create your own affirmations so that what you need is always there, in the right time, in the right way.

The brilliance of the app is that it lets you practice living your dreams by thinking healthy thoughts about that life. You practice your future right now, in this moment, and this moment, and this moment. One thought at a time.

As you create a new mind, doors open and unseen possibilities appear on the horizon. So follow your flashes of inspiration and step toward your future.


We believe in you, we know you’re brave, and we wish for you to live the life you've dreamt. (Lucidesse podcast epiosde "Healing Into Your Future" is  a great complement to this.)

Cell phone app for mental health and wellness.
Lucidesse logo for mental health app.

Keys of Affirmation

Decks are filled with affirmations focused on one topic: Self, Relating, Creativity, Sorrow, Eating, Joy, and more.

When we need support with loss and grieving, we choose the Sorrow deck. 

When we need more than one topic, we personalize a deck which supports our growth and unlocks our genius.

By repeating the affirmations we unlock the old and restructure new neural networks in our brain. (see Science)

When we need to discern our emotional needs from physical hunger, we choose the Eating deck.

The key to a healthy mind.

Soon the mind responds with positive outlooks and we cultivate heartwarming attitudes about ourselves and life.

Unique Artistry

Each deck is artistically interpreted through the eyes of multiple artisans. (see Affirmations)

This offers the necessary component of novelty (see Science), and equally important, it offers meaning (see Soul). 

Meaningful experiences give rise to emotions such as amazement, wonder and awe. These emotions spark numerous areas of the brain at once.


These healthy emotions enhance lucidity in our mental networks, plus they amplify growth of healthy emotional networks. 

The Lucidesse app invigorates our minds while nourishing our souls. A lucid mental network and a joyful emotional network are foundational to a harmonious life. 

Both sides of brain in colorful drawing.

What is a Fractal?

Part 1 of 3

More than geometry

From the infinite droplets of water cascading over falls,


To the random geometry of trees growing into forests,


From the huge expanse of river deltas,


To the tiny bronchioles within the lungs,

From the exploding nebula to the imploding black hole,


Fractals are the chaotic, repeating patterns of our universe.

Photo of seashell, nautilus, golden ratio, fractals..

Fractals cont'd

Part 2 of 3

Fractals in nature inspire the app. Following are a few of the layouts to choose from.

Eye of the Sunflower: Gaze through many perspectives to relate. 

Becoming: Unfurl the one I long to be.

Nautilus : Reveal the infinite potential of my journey.

Daring: Be bold, be gentle, be one among billions.

Root to Rise: Root deep into me, rise higher than imagined.

Eye of the Storm: Unify my energy with a steady inward gaze.

Network: Supportive connections of life.

Fractals cont'd

Part 3 of 3

Our lives are not static, they curl and twist into beautiful stories. These stories are not easily explained for we are complex and mystifying beings.

This is why the Lucidesse app uses fractals for the layout. There are two benefits, the first is novelty, which is discussed in the science section, and the second is balance. 


Some days we need a quick solution so we choose the laser focus fractal. Other days we need a double-wide-angle-lens in order to see many viewpoints with lucidity and light. 


The use of fractals balances the chaotic complexity of daily life. The fractals teach us to flow with the natural forces of the universe.


The balance of speaking and listening -- with respect -- is truly a stroke of genius, and it's something many of us seek. 

Speaking has the power to heal. Am I speaking and respecting my truth?

Listening has the power to heal. Am I listening and respecting others' truths? 

Healthy sharing requires mutual respect. Within the app, we move in this direction, we speak, we listen, we learn, we apologize, forgive, heal, and grow. Together.


Healthy sharing is how we craft a life of meaning alongside others on their own unique path.

Got Questions ?

The Lucidesse app is easy to use so don't worry if you're unclear about certain aspects. Once you've created a username on the app, yes, that too is a creative process, you'll meet Neura, your guide.

Neura is playful, light-hearted and encouraging. She makes everything crystal clear and delights in teaching you how to personalize not only her look, but many other parts of the app. Neura also offers quizzes to utilize both heart and mind, science and soul.


The Lucidesse app changes lives because it mirrors life, it's a robust set of choices, it's a process of becoming, it's an unfolding and enfolding, it's self and other.

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