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"Integrity with myself is the path to peace."

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We believe in the infinite, unbounded potential of every human.


To inspire unique strokes of genius.


Provide tools that balance self-care with community support, and unite science with soul.


Lucidesse is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, but our team of creators is spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

In-person is our favorite mode of connection, but we appreciate the digital byways which allow us to collaborate from afar. 

If you're interested in joining our team, check out our goals on the funding page, and then contact us.

As long as you're living on planet earth, with a desire to reveal unknown potentials and heal limiting beliefs, you're close enough. 

Don't forget to familiarize yourself with the app for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, then you'll know how your talents are best put into action. 

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The Story of Lucidesse

by Shelly Sawyer Jenson


This isn’t my first rodeo.


Before Google, Facebook, and YouTube were digital babes in their father’s minds, I studied a one thousand page HTML book and hardcoded an ecommerce website.


Each page I created was from scratch -- every comma, bracket, slash, period and letter was perfect. It had to be, one wrong symbol meant complete failure of the code. To my minor knowledge, I was one of the first successful ecommerce entrepreneurs, PLUS, a mother, woman, sister, wife.

I don't fit into any known box. And I like that.

She was some sort of cross between a hummingbird and an earth mover.” ~ Angle of Repose


I hold a B.S. in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Herbalism. I've spent countless hours studying scientific research, and years healing myself through indigenous medicine with shamans. 


I code websites, create medicinal tinctures, and build adobe homes with mud, straw, and grit.​ I'm trained to harmonize energy through the arts of Jin Shin Jyutsu and yoga, and I've taught cycling and kickboxing for over a decade. I've knit hundreds of felted hats and slippers as gifts, and facilitated sensitive conversations in community settings.



Lucidesse was conceived in the liminal space between sleep and awake. It wasn’t a dream, it wasn't a thought it was an inner knowing. I felt “my soul call to me.” 


The call was not to tell the tale of my ancestral trauma, nor my life trauma, nor my challenges with mental wellness, it was to share my healing of these, and mostly, of finding my joy within myself.


From the depths of science to the depths of soul, Lucidesse is a distillation of my profound healing.​ If I can pass through the eye of the needle which shears off all that prevents a life of joy, you can. 


The great wisdom I have to share comes from my studies at the feet of masters for over two decades. You see, my greatest stroke of genius is as a mother, and my two children are my master-teachers. Through them, I've learned one of the most sacred and difficult lessons.


What was that lesson? When times were at their worst, when I was certain I could not stay alive one more instant, I looked into their eyes and heard a whisper from the depth of being. This whisper became my guiding truth: A mother must protect her children from her own grief.


I repeated this over and over, for years. I stayed alive for my precious children, and today, I remain alive for me. I found my joy inside this broken and bruised vessel. It was here all along, and nothing is as broken as I once imagined.




It is my hope that the joy I found within me, and the deep connections I’ve formed with my children, family, and friends, inspires you to discover and create the life of your dreams.


Healing into our genius is not only possible, it is happening. One lucid and meaningful thought at a time.


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