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Phone App

"I embrace the unknown for possibilities are endless."

Affirmation ~ Creativity Deck

Change your mind. Change your life.

How long is a thought? One second? Two? Maybe three?


How can something so brief ruin an entire day? Or perhaps a lifetime?


We at Lucidesse understand the power of every thought, which is why we created a phone app.

The Lucidesse phone app can help you end destructive habits but YOU must commit to a daily practice. If you wait until a dire situation is upon you there’s no time to construct healthy neural networks in your mind, and no time to distill wisdom from your heart.

Self-responsibility is essential and it begins within. Start now.


Change your mind. Change your life. You are more than any thought could ever hold...


The science of neuroplasticity and epigenetics are changing our minds about the mind.

We are no longer victims to ancestral patterning, nor societal conditioning. We now know that every thought changes the brain.

Dive into the science supporting the Lucidesse app, and learn how you create a peaceful and joy-filled mind. 


We are more than flesh and bone, we are an unexplainable mystery, an essence beyond the physical.

We are love, faith, prayer, awareness, divinity, and the power of every breath.


Delve into the mystery which has been revered for millennia, and restore wholeness of mind, body, and soul.


We at Lucidesse refer to our infinite potential as “strokes of genius.” 


The discovery of such genius requires inward exploration. The app contains affirmations which help reveal the immense potentials and genius within each of us.


The final frontier is not somewhere out there, it is the mystery, the puzzle, the paradox, the labyrinth of our inner world.


Look within and begin the ageless triumph: Know thyself.

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