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"The impossible is certain of its possibility."

Affirmation ~ Creativity Deck

Release the Destination

The Lucidesse cell phone app is not a product, it is a process, a path for mutual well-being.

This process begins when we bring our presence to the present moment and explore, without a specific destination. 

Exploration without destination allows us to illuminate new ways of being. We transform our future, we heal our past, and we live our genius.

The answers we seek are waiting for us. They play hide-and-seek until we’re ready to broaden the horizon of possibility.

The affirmations on the app guide us to our unique genius. Release the destination and explore the less traveled paths within.

Styles of Genius

Stroke by stroke, color by color, joy by sorrow, loss by faith, 

our kaleidoscopic lives are our genius.


From the lengthy and complex decades of dedicated parenting, to the singular and radical shift of seeing one's imperfection as artistry.

One style of genius serves the world, while another heals a single, precious heart.

All styles are invaluable. 


Living our uniqueness leads to a love so expansive that laughter and tears erupt from the same wellspring.

Thank you for my life.

"I journey to the exquisite center of my being."

Affirmation ~ Self Deck

Discovery of Genius

Discovery is the process of revealing what is unknown to me.

I don't yet know what I don't know.

Once I begin, unseen horizons unfurl before me.

My genius is discovered in the beauty and the brilliance.

My genius is discovered in the muck and the mire.

No discovery is foolish or trifling, every discovery is genius.

"I am a stroke by the hand of genius."

Affirmation ~ I AM Deck

Strokes of Genius

True strokes of genius are unconcerned with money, fame, power or glory. 

They are the purest expression of wellness, the harmony of body, mind and soul. 

When we are in harmony with ourselves we discover the infinite depth of love, and the highest meaning of our life.

Our true genius doesn't arrive at the door in a neat package, it resides in the untouched spaces within.


We receive our genius when we heal our wounds, and unbind ourselves from fear.


The journey is exciting, confusing, dauting, and the calling of every soul.


We being with the welcoming warmth of sunrise, and the harmony of a simple question.


What gives my life meaning?

Healing of Genius

Our lives are encircled by a hoop of healing.

We heal within the chaos of our trauma.

We heal upon the battlefield of our addictions.

We heal through the darkness of our losses.

We lean into the unknown, unsure of the darkness, and discover our wildly precious genius.

With our hearts as our compass, we know what can never be bought nor sold: our bold strokes of joy. 

The Lucidesse app supports our healing by asking the sacred questions.

What restores my inner joy?

Balancing Our Geniuses

And also...


Those two simple words have the power to change the world. They connect the oldest paradigms: good bad, poor rich, old young, self other. 

We are individual. We are collective.


Discovering one's genius is an individual journey, and also must balance with the collective. 


Balancing personal with societal isn't easy, nor are solutions singular. They depend on the situation, from person-to-person.

Some of us support from the bottom while others are lookout from atop.


Who is better?

When we choose to balance our genius with the collective, we cultivate acceptance, integrity, and kindness. We nurture a symbiosis of well-being and restore faith in ourselves and others.


Together we rise as beacons of wholeness, each of us a unique fingerprint of soul.

Castell, tower of people.

Image: Angela Compagnone - Unsplash

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