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"I restore all that is inherent to my true nature."

Affirmation ~ Soul Deck

Love. Faith. Prayer.

We live in a realm where energy is shared, exchanged and transformed.


Consider the power of love, faith, and prayer. These acts cannot be measured by science yet they are known by our soul. These are the mysteries we explore.


What does this soul-stuff have to do with Lucidesse? We at Lucidesse believe that a fragmented life is an unhealthy life, that’s why we created the app.


Think of it this way, healthy thoughts lead to a healthy mind, which leads to a healthy body. As the mind and body become healthy, so too does the soul. This is wholeness, wholeness of body, mind, and soul.

We at Lucidesse strive for a process which leaves no aspect of our being forgotten, disregarded, or unworthy of attention. The Lucidesse app is not a tool for perfection, it is the process of becoming our best self, our whole self, and living our dreams.


We are each more than worthy of our dreams. Begin now, this is your miraculous life. 


How many perspectives are there in this world?  Are there more perspectives than human eyes?

Soul is not easily explained, nor understood. Perhaps it is best answered by the ageless question. 


Who am I?

Somewhere in this question lies the answer many of us seek, the truth of our essence, the source of our divinity, the home deep within us where we are a singular facet of the One with a thousand names. 


Allah, Buddha, Creator, Divine, God, Jehovah, Love, Nature, Soul, Source, Spirit, Universe, Yahweh, etc.

We cannot disregard soulful mysteries for they give rise to joy, beauty, awe, and love. We, at Lucidesse include these mysteries in all we do, leaving space for each person to discover and define their unique facet and perspective.

Direct Your Life


I stand upon the stage of this moment and consider my next lines.

Sacred Birthright

It takes more than memorizing a few affirmations to change the habit patterns of the mind. We must participate, and our most potent form of participation is awareness.


To see this clearly, imagine we value kindness yet spend our days aware of only cruelty. How do we cultivate kindness if we are never aware of kindness? 

Being aware of the positive aspects of life does not negate the ills of this world, in fact, it transforms them. Recall the most influential leaders throughout time: they focused our awareness onto love and we transformed hate, they focused our awareness onto kindness and we transformed cruelty, they focused our awareness onto hope and we transformed fear. This is the power of focused awareness, to see what is, and transform it into what we desire. This is our sacred birthright. 


We at Lucidesse utilize focused awareness in order to change the mind. When using the app we must be aware of the spirit and wisdom of the affirmations, otherwise they are merely words which brittle and crack upon our lips.

(listen to podcast episode on Breath & Awareness for in-depth exploration)

Perfected Duality

Focus on the breath, just breathe. There's nothing to do, nothing to fix, nothing to change. There's only the breath, flowing in, flowing out.

Notice the energy of the exhale, release. Notice the energy of the inhale, restore.


Notice how opposites tryst with every breath. The breath fills and empties, it releases and restores, it laughs and cries, it sings and wails. The breath is the gift we receive upon entering this realm and the one we return as we pass onward. The breath is a bridge between our humanness and our more-than-human nature. The breath is perfected duality.

When we speak affirmations on the app, we draw energy from the vibrational realm, from the breath, into the physical realm. We initiate ourselves into the vibrational world of sound. The breath is the essence of all creation. Each and every word we speak upon the breath is creation.


Do you dare try? Do you dare to speak your dreams into life?

(listen to podcast episode on Breath & Awareness for in-depth exploration)

Divine Refraction

Be aware of your breath. Remain aware of breaths as they arise and pass away. Do you arise and pass away?


Be aware of your thoughts. Remain aware aware as thoughts arise and pass away. Do you arise and pass away?


Be aware of your feelings. Remain aware as feelings arise and pass away. Do you arise and pass away?

You are more than any breath, any thought, or feeling, and you come to know this through an innate ability that we at Lucidesse call divine refraction.


Divine refraction is the ability to direct breath and awareness -- to refract them back upon one’s own self.  Our podcast has an episode called Breath & Awareness which dives deeper into this, check it out and learn how divine refraction shines light upon your deepest truth.

Personal Truth

Am I ready to be true to me, every moment of every day?


The discovery of personal truth requires curiosity and courage, the curiosity to discover and the courage to live our discovery. This may sound daunting but consider what you forfeit by living someone else's truth.


You forfeit inner peace, contentment, a life of meaning and purpose. And there isn't a return ticket for once we know our truth, we betray ourselves when we don't live it. Am I at peace with myself?  

Personal truth is the foundation of a peaceful life. It guides us toward our purpose and alerts us when we're off course. Living our truth is not just on the outside, truth begins within. 

MITOSIS: Replicate Wholeness

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