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"Wisdom awaits in the very thing I run from."

Affirmation ~ Wisdom Deck

Brain Science - Neuroplasticity

Part 1 of 3

We are born with the innate ability to change the mind. This is called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is like running the same path everyday, it becomes well-worn with use. 

The power of affirmations lies in thinking them over and over, if you think joyful thoughts then a joyful network is created. And the more you think these thoughts, the stronger and faster they fly.


Remember, the mind is not a master, it's a network of tiny neurons, and like seeds, if you water those neurons with thoughts, they grow. Ignore them, they die. That's as tricky as the science gets.



Am I thinking thoughts of joy, wonder, love, connection?

Epigenetics & Ancestors

Epigenetics is an unusual subject for it is spoken about in both scientific and spiritual communities, albeit with differing names. 

In science, epigenetics is the study of how genes turn on and off. Research in this field reveals that we aren't solitary individuals, we literally carry the experiences of our ancestors in our genes. I'd like to repeat this for it is also true in spiritual communities.

​We carry the experiences of our ancestors in our genes.


If an ancestor had a traumatic experience, it triggered a specific gene. That gene was then passed down to us in the state it was last expressed in our ancestor. This is the beginning of the story, not the end.


We, as individuals, can turn on and off our genes by our choices, our attitudes, and the manner in which we live, think, and act. This is how we turn off trauma genes and turn on a sense of safety and peace, it is how we restore our vitality for life. 

The unique ability of genes to turn on and off is a crucial part of adaptation and survival. It is also essential to our healing - both spiritual and physical. The use of affirmations allows us to re-wire the brain, to tell the body a different story, and slowly, to turn-off trauma genes. In cases of trauma, we need to do more than speak the affirmations, this type of healing requires you to bring your whole being into the play of this moment. Try singing the affirmations, dancing, drawing, or acting out the spirit of the words to an invisible audience!

The Science of Thinking

Our thinking is real, it’s energy, it’s motion, it’s life. The latest mind research employs tiny silicon electrodes attached to the brain in order to detect signals of the slightest impulse or thought. 


This new science is discovering what we already know: when we think joyful thoughts we feel joyful. What we think is translated directly to the body.

Do my thoughts feel good in my body?

Thoughts of love, worth and belonging are vitalizing! Plus they emanate into our surroundings. We enjoy being around others who are joyful. 


Changing the mind is a process which requires daily commitment, and the app supports you in your commitment, to change not only how you think, but how you feel!


Things may go awry, as they do in every life, so be patient with yourself, be present to the process, and breathe. Hard times pass, and soon, you'll create a mind which enjoys life.

Limitations of Science

Science is constantly learning and it’s no more perfect than those who study the phenomena.


Early psychiatrists, called alienists, determined mental wellness based on the science of their day. The describes this as, “mental illness was generally thought to be caused by a moral or spiritual failing, punishment and shame were often handed down…(source 1)


For centuries, many were victimized by such science and found themselves in jackets without buttonholes, or worse. But not everyone thought this way. A few forerunners discussed positive thinking as a way to heal the mind, others requested a separation between morality and insanity. Their foresight met scathing criticism. (source 2)


We at Lucidesse use the latest science in our development, and we understand its limitations. That is why we utilize the strengths of both science and soul. Visit the Soul page for more!

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