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Next Steps

Community funding is
growth through connection.

The Lucidesse process is well underway and not a penny has been paid for over a thousand hours of work!


Even so, we're committed to launch -- and currently creating an awesome Kickstarter campaign. We can't wait to share it with you!

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Know Anyone??

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Goal 1: Pollinate Our Vision

Pollinate our vision through networks. 

Share Lucidesse with those who are passionate about self-awareness, self-responsibility, intelligent curiosity, and meaningful connection. 

Goal 4: Social Media Guru

Connect Lucidesse with a social media buff who has well-crafted writing skills and creative ways of communicating new ideas and concepts.

Connect here. 

Goal 2: Pollinate Our Mission

Pollinate our mission through funding.  

Lucidesse is alive and well, help us continue with your sweet honey, also known as financial support. (Kickstarter coming soon!)

Goal 5: Graphic Designer

Connect Lucidesse with a graphic designer who can draw/animate the Neura character in the app, along with other design elements.

Connect here. 

Goal 3: Videographer

Connect Lucidesse with a videographer who is adept in the art of crowdsource funding.

Connect here

Goal 6: App Developer

Connect Lucidesse with an app developer who is excited to transform our prototype into a dynamic app, to changes lives thru positive affirmations.

Connect here. 

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