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"There is no room for envy in the house of joy."

Affirmation ~ Joy Deck
Lucidesse Podcast
Dive into your depths. Discover your truth.

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Tree heads communicating and connecting


Equal Parts

Communication stems from the Latin communico.


Communico means to share, to participate, to commune, to connect in equal parts. Connection in equal parts is the space where we are both giver and receiver.

I listen to myself, I speak and honor my truths.

I listen to others, as they speak and honor their truths.

The Lucidesse podcast explores how communication can lead to connection or disconnection. And how the way we communicate with others often mirrors the way we communicate within ourselvesWe not only inter-communicate, we intra-communicate.


The podcast has no definitive answers because communication is a journey, not a destination. There are billions of humans on this planet so it's wise to bring a hefty measure of patience to this topic for we are all masterpieces in progress.

Neurons communicating and sending signals

Teach. Learn. Reveal.

Imagine for a moment that your greatest challenge in life is another person's accomplishment, and that your greatest accomplishment is another person's nemesis. Imagine if we shared our lives, each of us with something to teach, each of us with something to learn.​


In order to do this, we must reveal ourselves, as we are -- everyday people with both wisdom and challenges.


The podcast is about us, real people living real lives, and it showcases us. This is how we grow, together, how we balance personal responsibility with collective support. This is the power of us. 

What about when it all goes wrong?

Perhaps you know that moment? You've been working hard and finally discover your untapped genius, so you boldly speak your truth and BAM, somebody else is upset about the very thing you've worked so hard to achieve.​

What do we do when our untapped genius creates friction and not connection? 

The answer isn't easy. First, we need to look at our responsibility because we don't always say things well, and second, when we do speak well, our truth is bound to grind against other core beliefs. So, let's we discuss how gears and cogs of different beliefs might find some harmony, or how we can make space for them. We can't ignore differences because our lives are not parallel lines, they overlap.


Let's also talk about why we wish to communicate - in life, and on the Lucidesse app. Let's do what's rarely done - let's change the outside by changing the inside, together

The podcast will showcase us. We are the leaders of our lives and we've got plenty of wisdom to share, like how we:

  • Connect authentically, not perfectly, about topics that give our lives meaning and purpose.

  • Balance empathy with compassion, and self-care with support.

  • Navigate social media, digital communication, and global networking.

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