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“She was some sort of cross between a hummingbird and an earth mover.”
~ Angle of Repose


Photo by Darryl Dobson Photography

The Story of Me

by Shelly Sawyer Jenson

The thing about me. is that I'm always changing. Transformation is my natural state of being. This makes life very challenging. For me, but also those around me.

I suppose this is one reason why I need strong relationships in my life...nothing else lasts. I'm so lucky to have those. I didn't always. Because I couldn't. I didn't know how.

And that's what brought me to the arenas of life I work in now. I needed to build healthy relationships and had to start with the one inside me. 

I've walked down many avenues of transformation: energy healing, vipassana meditation, indigenous ritual ceremonies, plant medicine ceremonies, yoga - yin & yang, prayer, neuroplasticity, epigentics, ancestral healing, dialogue facilitation, and just plain ole showing up for the hard stuff everyday.

I'm well-versed in healing modalities because I've needed them. And now, I wish to share what I've learned so you can find your path, walk your yellow brick road to Oz, because there's no place like home.

I love you. All. Thank you. Eternally...and ever again. The Never-ending Story.