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It is within darkness that we germinate our light.


New Moon

** I am currently surrendered to the flux of the velvety moon in order to renew my commitments with self, other and Self. Please check back later in the year for updates on beginning again... **


Sacred Reciprocity ~ WE are the Gifts of our community so please consider Gifting a New Moon Ceremony, and when you're in need, consider a Gifted ceremony.

I'm Going: $35
I'm Gifting: $40 & higher
I'm Gifted: $15 & lower

(payment via Venmo when you register)

Come...renew yourself in velvety darkness.

For Women, By Women

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This ceremony is for Women, Sisters, Ladies, Mothers, Daughters, and Goddesses-of-Love. All those women who hear the call to create a Tribe, Family, Community, even as we restore our individual and personal Spiritual Sovereignty. 


We are independent beings, we must live that truth.

We are interdependent beings, we must live that truth.

Together, we explore the boundaries of possibility.

Together, we encourage, support, and share wisdom.

Together, we are many.

Together, we are one.

So let's collectively explore our spiritual and matierial lives through various aspects of sacred space, worship, connection and ceremony. 

  • Call-in Directions - create space for unseen Guides to Join

  • Sip Cacao/Tea - nourish and warm with herbal plants

  • Connect Realms - bridge the material and energetic realms

  • Integrate Ancestors - heal the past in the present moment 

  • Receive Oracle - glimpse this one moment, the i-Ching

  • Experience Vibrations - sounds of crystal bowls, etc.

  • Share Wisdom - share the uniqueness of each of us 

  • Close Directions - thank the sacred Guides of our ceremony

All blessings,

Shelly Sawyer Jenson, and various Amazing co-Facilitators

{{ Gentlemen, we are working on a ceremony for you, let us know if you're interested. }}

Personal Items to Bring

Please bring any items you need to be cozy and comfortable. And consider items you wish to place on the altar. Mat, blanket, cushions are provided.


Is this for Me?

If you aren't sure if this is for you, here are a few questions which may assist and guide you.


Do I believe I can change?

Do I believe I'm not alone on this spiritual path?

Do I believe in speaking and living my truth?

Do I believe in new ways of solving old problems?

Do I believe in asking for help?

Do I seek insight, inspiration, and inner guidance?

Do I seek inner love, peace and joy?

Do I seek to realize my dreams, alongside others dreams?

...and lastly...

Am I willing to look at my inner world in order to change my outer world?

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