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Marvelous Monday

Clear the mind, body and soul.


Monday's are marvelous with this 90 minute class of gentle movement, crystal bowl soundbath and guided meditation. Think of it as relaxed movement, restful stillness, and calming awareness.


Through movement, sound vibrations, and meditation, you will experience cleansing and harmonizing at all levels. The only thing required of you is surrender of effort. And through this surrender you will experience clarity of mind and feel the warmth of your inner light, all while replenishing your well-spring of joy. 


The wonderful part of this evening is that you don't need to do anything. That's the key to this style of healing. Less is more! Just bring you, and become you... on this ever becoming journey called life. No right. No wrong. Just bring you, and become you... on this ever evolving journey called life. Reclaim the essence of non-doing. 

You are invited to experience the effortless harmony of you.
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Monday from 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Vitalize Studio in Millcreek - 3474 S 2300 E, Ste 12, SLC, UT 84109


Please arrive promptly and settle into your place. {space is limited}

Mats, bolsters, blankets are supplied. Please bring any other items you'd like to be cozy and relaxed. Eye mask, teddy bear, fluffy slippers!

Drop-in is $20.

Early Bird Registration - $15 (1 week prior).

This event offered by Jenelle Kremer, Lyna Saffell, and Shelly Sawyer Jenson.

Join us for an evening of relaxed discovery!

and realize all that you are!